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Jane Harbottle Artist
Jane Harbottle Wildlife Artist

About Jane Harbottle

Jane Harbottle grew up in Australia as her family emigrated there in the mid 1960’s when she was a baby. They eventually settled near Perth, Western Australia in a small coastal village where life for a child was idyllic. Swimming in the sea daily, messing around in the dunes and exploring the native countryside as yet untouched or claimed. There her love, respect and amazement of the natural world was initiated and has been constantly expanding ever since. Although Jane's whole family returned to the UK in the mid 1970’s she retains great affection for the country, many friends whom she visits every other year, and she even got married to her husband Darren on the beach she played on as a child. Those early influences can be seen in her life and in her work.

Jane Harbottle Career

After briefly considering a career in the N.H.S., she became a full time professional wildlife artist in 1987 and has now settled in Lowick, where she has an art studio and gallery. The outstanding Northumbrian countryside reminds her of those early days in Australia, with stunning coastline and unspoilt habitats, full of inspiration and ideas for her paintings. She prefers to work directly from the actual subject when she can, as she likes to portray the minute detail found in nature. In her studio there are many interesting “bits & bobs” that she uses for reference, along with sketches and photographs for the things she cannot bring back. There is always something new to see or to be seen in a new way, and her list of “paintings she wants to do” gets longer with each finished piece, not shorter.

Jane hopes that through her paintings she extends to the viewer some of the beauty of nature that surrounds us daily, and yet is often unseen, to offer a small glimpse into the great outdoors.


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