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"New Beginnings" Nest with Eggs Greetings Card



New Beginnings (Turdus merula) Nest with Eggs


Description: 5” x 5” colour greetings card of New Beginnings (Turdus merula), blank inside, for your own message, individually wrapped and with a quality brown kraft envelope.

The story behind New Beginnings Nest with Eggs
This is the delightful nest and eggs of the Blackbird “Turdus merula”. I came across it at the end of the season when I was tidying up my garden nest boxes, and it had apparently been abandoned by the female for some reason before the eggs had hatched. I was so enthralled by the delicate work of the nest building and the beauty of the eggs, that I named my painting New Beginnings to make a positive out of a negative situation.

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