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Jane Harbottle Wildlife Artist

Inspired by the beauty of nature

Arun the Orangutan

Arun the Orangutan - block canvas.
Arun the OrangutanArun the Orangutan
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A printed block canvas of "Arun the Orangutan".

These block canvas prints are printed on cotton canvas, stretched and matt giclee varnished.


The story behind Arun the Orangutan

He was a 6 month old orangutan who had been found alone in the jungle of Sumatra, and was too young to fend for himself at that point. He was looked after in an animal sanctuary, where he proved himself to be a very lovable "cheeky monkey", and was finally released back into his natural habitat when old enough. Such soulful eyes!

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Jane Harbottle - 'Inspired by the beauty of nature'.
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