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Jane Harbottle Wildlife Artist

Inspired by the beauty of nature

Puffin standing doing nuffin!

Puffin standing doing nuffin! - block canvas.
Puffin standing doing nuffin!Puffin standing doing nuffin!
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A printed block canvas of "Puffin standing doing nuffin!".

These block canvas prints are printed on cotton canvas, stretched and matt giclee varnished.


The story behind Puffin standing doing Nuffin!

On taking my step daughter on a boat trip around The Farne Islands, and her then seeing some puffins, she was heard to say "they aren't real, they are just standing doing nothing" - hence the title of this painting. There are great numbers of puffins on the Farne Islands in their breeding season, and they seem to either stand perfectly still or flap furiously like one of those wind up bath toys I had as a young girl. They always make me smile.

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Jane Harbottle - 'Inspired by the beauty of nature'.
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