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Jane Harbottle Wildlife Artist

Inspired by the beauty of nature

Rolfie the Koala

Rolfie the Koala - Prints.
Rolfie the KoalaRolfie the Koala
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A print of "Rolfie the Koala".

These prints are double mounted and either indivdually wrapped or framed.


The story behind Rolfie the Koala

Having grown up in Australia I got to cuddle a koala one day at a wildlife park. An amazing, but quite scary experience once I had spotted it's huge claws! Their fur is very thick, they smell of eucalyptus, and you cannot help but fall in love with them once seen.


             Unframed     Framed

Height:    38 cm         41 cm

Width:     32 cm         35 cm

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Jane Harbottle - 'Inspired by the beauty of nature'.
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